About Us


Novatec, a company of the Elettromeccanica Misileo Group, was founded in 1990 by the will of its members to produce and sell a product entirely designed and built within the group, with the help of technical and commercial resources developed over the years by its staff always oriented to customer service.

The idea of thinking of eco-friendly products as substitutes for products made of plastic, polystyrene and aluminum was the engine of the project that, in 1990, could be considered "visionary". This is how the first system to produce pastry trays was born, with which Novatec has won the trust of all the major tray manufacturers, defining a new technical reference for the market.

From the experience gained and the collaboration with manufacturers of paper materials and customers, Novatec has developed new systems and applications opening new markets and fields of application to paper products. The reliability of the products, the continuous innovation, the collaborations with the best realities of food packaging, the after-sales service, the possibility of realizing "tailor-made" systems allowed Novatec to become a leading company in the food packaging market.

Novatec's complete forming systems (blank fed or roll fed machines and moulds) are used to produce pastry trays, disposable plates, fruit and vegetable containers, containers suitable for baking in the oven (traditional and/or microwave), ATM/SKIN packaging containers, etc. etc. by our customers wordwide using eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable paper materials.

The continuous technical updating makes available to customers: mechanical workshops equipped with machines and equipment for precision machining, CAD/CAM systems for 3D design, suitable spaces for the assembly and testing of machines and moulds, warehouses stocked with all spare parts.

All this, combined with the competence and professionalism of the specialized staff, guarantees customers constant support for any production and development they need, as demonstrated by the large number of installations in Italy and abroad.