Tray Forming Machine from Cardboard Reel mod. PV85

Hydraulic machine supplied with cardboard reels and able to simultaneously work with 4 dies. Operations are managed by an industrial PLC that monitors and controls the entire machining cycle (from the reel to programmed stacking of the finished product) in order to achieve maximum output with minimum wastage of cardboard. This machine is equipped with a conveyor belt to take the finished product to the packing area. Innovative electronic hydraulic systems/allow to set up all the variable parameters of the machine comprised job pressures, working stroke, etc.

Worktable size
mm. 550x850
Max. distance between press working surfaces
mm. 460
Working settable press stroke
mm. 0 - 300
Working settable press pressure
T. 20 - 50 about
Hot forming system strokes/minute (Max)
n. 80
Overage speed strokes/ 1' about
n. 42
Punching worktable size
mm. 550x850
Working settable punching stroke
T. 10 - 50 about
Punching device strokes/minute (Max)
Overage speed strokes/ 1' about
n. 42
Maximum die-sets
n. 4
Maximum forming depth up to
mm. 80
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