Novatec S.r.l., part of Elettromeccanica Misileo group, is market leader as manufacture company in the two-stations hydraulic hot forming systems, both by blank and by reel, specially designed to heat-formed cardboard bakery trays, party plates, and paper oven, microwave and traditional, food containers in biodegradable and echo-compatible cardboard. Novatec company was founded, by the shareholders, about twenty years ago in order both to trade its own products, completely developed and manufactured in the inside premises, and to utilise the internal human and technical resources to better serve their customers. The first kind of forming system was so developed to produce pastry trays and later, thanks to initial installations in medium range companies, Novatec company could get technical experience and business credibility, so nowadays can be the Italian market leader and one of the main actor on the export market with a large base of world wide installed machines.

After the first unit installations Novatec took also care about the food cardboard packaging market trend so to develop new systems set for heat-forming party plates and oven paper food containers in biodegradable and echo-compatible cardboard. The complete forming machine range, developed by Novatec, allowed to attain important customers and to establish very interesting collaborations with food national and international industries, to improve new products and new applications.

Novatec, in collaboration with the paper manufacture companies, actively attends at the new projects, specially focused to get ecological and eco-compatible new paper food containers in order to replace, in the next future, the aluminium and oil by-product substances, as plastic and polystyrene, ones to accordingly invest time and capitals to develop new systems and operating devices. Thanks to the advanced production capacity Novatec might support customers from unit development to post sale service and in any specific request supplying all kind of forming die-set and/or special application on turnkey base. The continuous technical updating can place at customers' disposal mechanical department with the more advanced operating machines and devices for high precision part processing, sophisticated CAD CAM software for 3D design of die sets to hot form food containers, bakery trays and party plates.

Novatec company can provide a large assembly and test areas, spare parts stock and a very good skilled employs at customers' disposal for after sale support and new developments. A good sale national and international net allows Novatec to constantly follow the various customers and to guarantee a fast and professional support for any specific market request.

From 2007 Novatec bought the TRASMISSIONI GIACOMONI company, market leader as manufacture activity in the mechanical transmission devices for light vehicles, variable speed drivers CVT, differential units and two and/or four wheel drive transmissions. Novatec, with TRASMISSIONI GIACOMONI trade mark, produces differential groups with helical thooting gear, pulley variable speed drivers and desmodromic gear boxes for two and/or four wheel drive vehicles. The mechanic components are set for vehicles with engine from 10 up to 100 Hp and out-put maximum torque axle 3000 Nm.